How To Send HIPAA Compliant Forms to Google Drive™

With FormHippo, you can send all your completed published forms directly to your Google Drive™.

It’s often very helpful to have your filled-out forms placed in your Google Drive™, for a multitude of reasons. FormHippo empowers you to connect your Google Drive™ directly to your FormHippo account. When a user fills out a form, the completed form and any attachments can be sent directly to your Google Drive™, into any folder you specify. Here’s how it works:

First, set up your Google Drive™ connection by clicking on your email at the top right and choosing Manage Integrations.

Manage Integrations screen where you can add a connection to your Google Drive™.

Simply click the Add button to connect your Google Drive™ with FormHippo.

Google sign in screen.

Google will prompt you to log in and permit access to your Google Drive™ by the MailHippo platform. Note that MailHippo only has access to files you place on your Google Drive™ for MailHippo and nothing more.

The Manage Integrations screen with an active Google drive connection.

Once you authenticate with Google, your drive connection will appear in the Google Drive™ section and your connection is complete. Now you can set which forms you want to be placed in your drive.

To set up your forms with your new Google drive connection, click on Forms – Publish Forms.

List of published forms.

From the list of published forms, click on the form name to edit the form’s properties and to specify the Google Drive™ connection.

Published form properties window.

From the form’s properties window, check the box next to Google Drive™, select the Google account from the drop-down, and optionally enter a folder name where you want the completed forms to go.

Click Update and you’re all set! Now any time someone fills out the form online, the completed form and any associated attachments will be sent automatically to your Google Drive™.

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! With FormHippo’s drag and drop Form Builder, you can easily create any template you need from scratch. If form building is not for you, contact the MailHippo support team and inquire about our fast-turnaround form building services.

Yes, we update forms regularly with any changes necessary to comply with any new regulations. Further, we are constantly expanding our library, adding new forms all the time.

Yes, our forms are optimized for mobile users. Forms are reactive, and adapt dynamically to smaller screen sizes, so the user can easily fill out forms no matter what size their screen is.

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