HIPAA Compliant Form Builder

Easily Build Custom HIPAA Compliant Online Forms with FormHippo®

With our drag and drop Form Builder, you can place any form field wherever you want, easily creating the perfect form for any use. All the field types you need are right at your fingertips, including short and long text, dropdowns, check boxes, file inputs, electronic signatures and much more. Whether you want a custom patient intake form, Notice of Privacy Practices, or anything else, FormHippo makes building custom forms a breeze. Here’s how easy it is:

Drag any field you want over to the right and drop it onto the form palette:

Click the field properties button to set the field name or any of the other field properties:

Add whichever fields you like, until your form is complete. Then click the Publish button and you’re done! FormHippo provides a secure web link and QR code to each form, so you can easily post it online or send to others:

List of published forms
List of published forms along with their web links.

The Form Fields you Expect and the Functionality you Deserve

Edit form element properties
Edit element properties easily with the properties dialog.

Here’s a list of some of the form fields available to place on your form:

Form builder elements 1-8
Input fields include Short, Long and Multi-Lines, Dates, Number, Phone and Email.
Form elements 9-16
Additional fields include Checkbox, Dropdown, Radios, File Upload, Signature, Images and more.

Filling Out the Completed Online Form

Now you know how easy it is to build a custom form. But what about the participant filling out the form? What’s their experience like? FormHippo ensures it’s as easy as it gets.

Participants can access your HIPAA compliant online forms in a number of ways, like via the web link or by scanning the QR code with their mobile device. For added security, they’re prompted to key in a captcha and their email address to continue to the form:

Captcha modal for online forms
Security check prior to rendering form.

After clicking Continue, its off to the races! The form is rendered and participants can fill out the fields, upload any attachments and electronically sign:

Patient intake form
New patient intake form

Frequently Asked Questions

You bet we have templates! Patient Intake, HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices, and more. We’re adding templates all the time. If there’s something you need and we don’t have it, just let us know… we appreciate feedback and are likely to add what you need.

Yes, absolutely, our templates can be modified. Simply click on the template from the Library and click Use. The template is then opened in the Editor and is ready for you to modify however you like.

Yes, FormHippo web forms are fully reactive and work beautifully on mobile devices. Forms automatically adjust to the smaller screen sized for an optimal user experience on mobile devices of any kind.

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